What you should know

What you should know

What you should know

LTME-postHey baby,

It’s been 8 days of no contact. I struggle daily with sending you a text just to see if you would respond. Yes, I am the one who ended the relationship, but truth be told, you walked out emotionally 2 months ago. You have been cruel and heartless many times the last few months, and I can finally see things for what they were. You left way before I finally cut the cord.

I gave you a year and a half of my life. A year and a half of wondering why you were always looking at pics of other women naked, or lying about where you were, or taking your insults and trying to make you happy. Of trying to change you to be someone worthwhile. Someone good and kind. You were that when we first started dating, but it all changed, and then, I was no longer enough for you.

The worst is that it is 8 days no contact. You haven’t tried once. That’s how much you thought of me. Not one text, not one phone call. Just gone.

It’s painful, yes, but no more painful than these last two months have been. The great thing about no contact is it allows the person to think more clearly, without an outside influence telling you what you want to hear, not what you know to be true..

So, I wish you well. Shame on me for giving you so much time, but I believe in karma, and I believe what goes around comes around. One day you will be hurt that way you hurt me. And, in spite of all this, I forgive you. And, I pray for you still.

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  1. RaggedTowel 6 years ago

    Where were you during these two months?

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