I won’t ever regret knowing you

I won’t ever regret knowing you

I won’t ever regret knowing you

LTME-postDear N,

I never thought we would end up this way. I never thought the pain would be so torturing. I loved you, and I still do. I would never blame you for anything that happened, in fact, I am very sorry.

I still don’t understand what happened between us. We were alright, we were so in love. Why did you give up?

I dream about you every single night after we broke up. I pathetically starve myself. The pain is just unbearable. I have begged for you to stay, but it did nothing. I thought you loved me. I thought you cared.

We created a universe. It was so beautiful. And I will never forget the way you attacked me with kisses, how you sounded when you laugh, how you calmed my fears, your childhood stories, how you came at 1am to eat with me because I was hungry, the way my hand fit perfectly in yours, like two pieces of puzzle you said, how the curve of your neck would shield me from sadness and fear, and the promise that you’d be back. The promise that, women will always be women. No matter what happens, even if I’m gone, I’ll always be loved.

I want you to know that I won’t ever regret knowing you, losing sleep to you, breaking rules for you, getting in so much trouble for you. I don’t regret anything at all.

I love you.


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