A twisted love story

A twisted love story

A twisted love story

Hey you, I know your not going to ever read this but I’m sorry… I’m sorry for hurting you years ago, I’m sorry for not being the person you don’t want anymore, we had our good times but then you started mixing with the wrong people, I can’t tell you who u should be friends with but they put a bad influence on you so you changed, you started doing drugs and drinking more. I miss the old you, the one who sent me paragraphs for me to wake up to in the morning, the one who took me on long walks, the one who loved and understood me but when the old you was around I wasn’t mentally ready for a relationship as I was dealing with my own issues and when I finally was ready you were a whole different person and hurt me…

we had some really good memories, you was my first love now you don’t even speak to me and when I try to speak to you you just ask cold, it hurts me a lot especially how we was best friends for so long and the we were lovers and then back to best friends and then slowly drifted, I’m sorry I no longer match your standards and i miss you but I’m getting over you slowly. Stay safe p, I’ll always love you regardless


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