To the Jerk That Tried to Destroy Me

To the Jerk That Tried to Destroy Me

To the Jerk That Tried to Destroy Me

LTME-postI remember when we met. We use to actually like each other and at the time, I believed you were a good guy. How stupid was I?

You say I was your longest relationship. Why is that? Ever wonder that even once?

Could it be you are so inconsiderate of another?
Could it be how you always compared me to another girl, someone who I hate with a burning passion for starting negativity in my life and being the world’s biggest Bitch?
Could it be you have no life and all you do is sit around playing videos?
Could it be you say you want to lose weight but you continue eating 2 boxes of pizzas, donuts, cookies. Then the next day you try and starve yourself only to binge later?
Could it be you tried to take me away from God, rip Him out of my life?
Could it be You practically motivated me to continue bulimia?
Could it be you discriminating women who are overweight but think about it, you are a cow dude!

You don’t deserve a relationship. It’s simple as that, you don’t deserve to be happy until you work on not being an ass to women period. All you want is a trophy wife. All you want is for someone to make you a sandwich while you sit your giant hippo ass on the couch as stuff your face. You complain about being so big, what are you doing? Nothing.

You tell women you love them. Bullshit.

A real man tells a woman they love them and mean it. They don’t think months later they lost interest. That’s not love. You don’t know anything about love.

Your friends aren’t really friends. Your friends are the spawn of Satan. The anti-Christ. The biggest failures on the planet. The ungrateful, insecure, drama seeking dumbasses on the planet. Oh how happy their parents would be to pass away so they won’t have to look at their worthless and failure faces. Your parents as well, just as pathetic.

Your mom will die from those diet pills. Your dad isn’t trying to stop her so what does that say? He doesn’t love her. She is a trophy wife and you are just like that asshole you call “dad”.

Karma is a bitch. And you can either learn from it or continue living in sin.


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