Taking my power back

Taking my power back

Taking my power back

LTME-postDear Christopher,

It’s the woman you left broken in Hawaii. When we first met, I was happy. I was single, but happy. I had put a wall up and love/relationships were so far off my radar. Then I met you. I told myself to not get involved with someone who travels so much, but you said all the right things to make me change my mind. So began to fall for you. I fell hard for you. Then you pulled the rug from under me like so many before you had done to me, only with you it was worse. You will never understand how badly you have hurt me, nor do I think you even care. You are like a hurricane. You blow in, make a mess of things and then leave it for the other person to clean up. I still cry myself to sleep at night sometimes, missing the person that I thought you were. You would always say one thing and do another. I’m writing this letter, I am simply trying to heal and take my power back from you and also to tell you that YOU SUCK. I could do the politically correct thing and wish you the best, but honestly you don’t deserve the best. Goodbye.


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