Sweary adult colouring in book for heartbroken people

Sweary adult colouring in book for heartbroken people

Sweary adult colouring in book for heartbroken people
Have A Nice Life Asshole adult colouring in book

The adult colouring in book thing has been a slow burn for me. I’ve seen them, I’ve been given them as presents, and yet, I only ever do colouring in with my toddler.

But, lately I’ve wondered if maybe I should get on the colouring in bandwagon. Apart from it being the ultimate digital detox, research is mounting at just how great it is for stress relief.

And no one, but no one, needs more stress relief than heartbroken people, so I was stoked to discover this sweary adult colouring in book, Have A Nice Life Asshole – an essential in your breakup survival kit.

It has 50 unique, hand-curated break-up insults to colour in, so it doubles as therapy if you never got to say it in person. On one day, you might want to get into the zone by colouring the ‘I’m better off without you’ page. On another, ‘The Clitoris. Google it’ page may float your boat, or the super succinct, ‘Kiss my ass’.

And hey, if it makes you laugh a little at the same time, that can only be a good thing, right?

This is the perfect thing to grab if you’re going through a break-up, and the absolutely best present EVER for a heartbroken friend who really needs some distraction and a good giggle.

Get a copy of it here (and, full disclosure, it’s my Amazon affiliate link so I make a little extra if you buy through me. And please do if you like the site and it’s helped you out! Thank you – every little bit helps keep me fed).


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