One last thing from a ghost

One last thing from a ghost

One last thing from a ghost

LTME-postWith all my heart I hope you never betray your self as I did. If you take one last word of advice from a ghost of your past, let it be this: never betray yourself. I learned that the end doesn’t justify the means. By the folly of my own actions, I know there are things worse than death. There are places just like hell and they exist within ourselves. Where the deceit and betrayal catches up to you. Where you see yourself with disgust, and shame is your best friend. Where you are surrounded by people and still alone. Like a curse where no amount of water can satiate your thirst. Where your heart is empty and your mind is overfilled with remorse and self doubt. It is here where I exist. Wandering through the corridors of my mind endlessly searching for reprieve. Slowly realizing that I’m doomed to live with this regret, cursed to see misfortune, and hopeful that for the first time ever I have the truest of intentions. I knew the world never owed me anything; but this was the first time I applied it to love. Forever is a long time, babe. I’m still learning this fact every day.

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  1. SB 6 years ago

    This is very sad… you should let this person know what you feel.

    Good luck.

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