Dear Lloyd

Dear Lloyd

Dear Lloyd

LTME-postIt’s been close to a month now since we broke up and the truth is i do miss you, i really do. Breaking up was a decision i made because i had enough of being neglected. The amount of freedom you asked was something that i couldn’t give and i guess you gave up on us too. It’s tiring to be the only one holding this relationship and strangely, i guess i was the only one that still couldn’t let go.

I had gave in by sending that text and let you have the decision to decide whether do you want to stay or not.

But you kept your silence, i guess in the end, the ring meant nothing to you either. I still yearn for you, i’m not going to deny that. But i know some things are just not meant to be together, for that, i wish you all the best.

I love you.


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