I wish I wasn’t so scared and stressed of your anxiety

I wish I wasn’t so scared and stressed of your anxiety

I wish I wasn’t so scared and stressed of your anxiety

LTME-postI loved you so much. While our time together was a brief of 6 months, I felt like I enjoy every single moment I spent with you. I made a lot of mistakes and decisions that caused our relationship to crumble little by little until it was too late for me to salvage it. I know I’ll never ever be the person you needed me to be, and that’s why I ended it. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to handle your anxiety and even if I could it would cause you to be in such great pain before I could. The first break up we had stung. The second and final time hit like a train. Maybe because I lost you the second time due to the same exact reasons, or maybe I just realized I lost you forever. You were my best friend, and I want you to be happy. I didn’t want to put you thru the pain I seem to put you through all the time we were together. I treated you poorly. I didn’t appreciate you as much as I should. I am sorry. I will always love you, and I don’t regret a single second I spent with you. I hope we can move forward together and grow as better people in the future.

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  1. Diane Tsang 5 years ago

    Hi Emmanuel,

    I want to tell you it is interesting I found this letter you written for your exgirlfriend. I am guessing too. Well, I want to tell you I stumbled to this letter of yours the same night you written this. Plus my exboyfriend’s name was same as you. And what you written almost sound like my exboyfriend would want me to know the truth of how he is feeling about leaving me, and how he treat me poorly, which I won’t blame him all because I take some of the blame too. But since I know exactly how I feel about him still, I told myself don’t bring it up till the right time. ;'(

    Emmanuel, I hope your exgirlfriend will forgive you and accept your apology. I suggest you try talking to her. I am pretty sure she would love to hear from you like I am dying and urge to contact my exboyfriend that I really don’t call him my exboyfriend because he was and still be the one who I love so deeply that my heart literally stopped beating and he impacted me more than I ever was.

    Ok, I better stop here. Sooo sorry, to tell you my feelings. But nice letter. If I was in your shoes I would send her your letter out so she knows. I know I did my letter and card to let him know.

    Alrighty, good luck and try to stay strong like me, even though it’s easy to say, but hard to do.

    Much Love,

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