an angry-things-left-unsaid-and-i-want-to-get-them-off-my-chest letter

an angry-things-left-unsaid-and-i-want-to-get-them-off-my-chest letter

an angry-things-left-unsaid-and-i-want-to-get-them-off-my-chest letter

LTME-postto a man i thought could love me,
i honestly don’t know what i did that was so horrible to deserve your silence. yeah i didn’t break up with you in the nicest way but i felt like you left me no choice. you decided i was no longer worth your time or effort and you quit without saying goodbye. i wasn’t even worth a fucking goodbye and that hurts to know you never actually cared.
this is why girls have “a hard time getting over” you. you let girls fall in love with you & then you leave when things get too uncomfortable. that’s life! life is uncomfortable and it’s harsh and maybe you’re just one of those tough lessons that girls like me need to learn.
it really sucks when all you do is see the good in people and you’re constantly defending their actions to people who don’t know them like you do. this whole time i just wanted you to love me back and you couldn’t and maybe it’s all my fault for staying.
sometimes i think there’s a girl out there who broke your heart so bad it made you scared to love. but that isn’t the case at all is it? you’re just an asshole and a coward and your selfish. you are really fucking selfish. you didn’t have the balls to tell me you weren’t into me so you let me hang on until i realized that this relationship that i conjured up in my head wasn’t gonna go anywhere. you had so many outs. you should’ve left me behind in the summer instead of trying to appease me by asking me out and introducing me to your friends and family.
a man goes after what he wants and it’s very clear that you don’t want me. but here i am writing you a stupid letter that you won’t even read because that’s too dramatic for you and it will make you uncomfortable. grow the fuck up realize that girls aren’t toys and we don’t deserve to be brushed under the rug like that last bit of dust you can’t clean up. every woman you’ve been with is a person and you don’t treat people like disgarded trash.

it’s nearly two months later and i still miss you like crazy. i still look at my phone hoping you’ve finally decided to reach out. you won’t. you never will. and i probably will never see you again. but one day i’ll see how foolish i was to have cried over you. one day i’ll cross paths with someone who’s strong enough to love me how i deserve. but thank you so much for breaking my heart. it woke me up.
a woman who could have loved you very much


  1. Pancit 7 years ago

    If you’re Inke… I do love you! I let you go because I thought you wanted to… I would even marry you.

  2. Ps 7 years ago

    You’ve left me after crippling me 3 times now. I heard your getting help. And imnworking on things. I surprised to hear your moving on so well. Best of luck.

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