So long

LTME-postDear Mr.WasteMyTime, i have been wanting to write this since the first day u ignored me but i don’t even know why i didn’t . Sad to see u are extremely happy with your current relationship . However accepting constantly takes time. I can see she is better than me in so many ways. Well I kind of did reflection on our past relationship which doesn’t even need to be considered as a relationship at all because it was merely platonic. I always find u as a friend but at the same i don’t want to lose u or see u having affair with someone else. Last time or not really, i remember u asked me were we actually in relationship or not and i did not answer to that .Relationship scares the hell out of me so keeping it as friendship i thought was the right thing to do. I know it doesn’t work out bcos it was my fault of not treating u right. I was so selfish letting all negative vibes to u every time i have problems. But just so u know, i feel comfortable talking about it with u. But this doesn’t mean u could just leave me like that. I have tried so hard to make this 6 7 years knowing u worth it. And again it is your choice to leave me and choose to find your own happiness in other place which i still find it really unfair to me bcos i will forever in this circle to stupidly waiting for u. Thats all my ramble haha good to know u are having healthy relationship with ur gf. Goodbye and so long from your ex-gf. See u in another world. Xoxo


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