I’m confused… help

I’m confused… help

I’m confused… help

LTME-postSo we meet 3 years ago and I was in love with him since the day I meet him.I couldn’t live a day without him.He meant so much to me.Then we just started fighting like all the time and fights being to turn into us seeing each other less and me making dumb mistakes.I hated everything that ever happened between me and him.And he cheated 3 plus times on me.I still love him with all my heart and he moved to another country with his girlfriend and she’s the one he last cheated on me with but then funny thing is He cheated on her with me.He came back to my country and I’m like ahhh… now I’m having mixed feelings and I don’t know what to do anymore.It hurts like hell to move and hurts like hell to keep him knowing that he’s taken.

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  1. From me to you 5 years ago

    If he’s a cheater then-excuse me for being blunt-is he really the type of guy you see yourself with. Love can be a fleeting or false emotion. You may really love this man but if he can’t settle down with one woman and show them actual affection without having a few more on the side then he’s not a man worth dealing with. He left you and that’s his problem. Here’s my advice, get out in the world, explore your own desires and find someone who will treat you right because I promise you that you deserve so much more than that guy. I hope you find happiness in life.

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