I gave myself closure

I gave myself closure

I gave myself closure

LTME-postI still have a lot of questions left unanswered and things left unsaid because you were too selfish to give me the closure I deserved, making me have hope for the both us despite hearing from our friends that you found someone new.

But that’s what I thought.

I realized that I don’t need any validation from you that you have completely moved on from me. You wouldn’t leave in the first place if I truly mattered to you. It’s not that I deserve more, or you deserve more. We both deserve someone else different. Someone that will satisfy what we are looking for in a partner. Someone that isn’t the both of us.

I gave myself closure today. I tore and burned the only picture we had together, the letter you gave me and the letter I gave you which you threw away (but I found somewhere on a floor anyway). It isn’t because I am bitter. It’s because this is the only thing I could do to detach myself from the memories we had that makes me miss you more and question myself on where we went wrong.

I couldn’t say that I am completely over you, but it’s a work in progress. 99% completed.

Nonetheless, I wish you happiness and I hope that you will never stop in pursuing your dreams, AG.



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