My Ale please stay

My Ale please stay

My Ale please stay

LTME-postDo you remember us? Do you remember those lazy afternoons with time flying by so fast? Do you remember those late night conversations that no one but you and me could understand?

I wish I could be with you now. But not as who we are now, but as who we were then. When nothing else was important. When your love made me shine and fly. I wish I could go back to be silent next to you, like the first time we ever made love. I wish I could fight with you over what movie we were going to watch that night. I wish I could hold you hand once again.

But mostly, I wish I could go back to the night we met and tell how sorry I am for all the pain I am going to cause you and to say that I never meant to hurt you. I would tell you that even when it ended the way it did I would do it all once again just for the pleasure of being with you.

I love you, I wish we were the same we once were.


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