Just can’t fill this hole in my heart

Just can’t fill this hole in my heart

Just can’t fill this hole in my heart

LTME-postDear Thomas,
I miss you every single day its crazy. You were my number one and I spent all my time with you. When you broke up with me, I lost the most important person in my life. One second you were there and the next you were gone. My phone didn’t ring nearly at all. I was left with was this huge hole in heart and life, and I still don’t know how to fill it. I miss you. I miss your humour. I miss your hair. I miss your body. I miss holding you and cuddling up. I miss your personality, your caring nature, and your open-mindness. You allowed me to open up to you about every part of my life. I shared so much with you. I know I had a lot of ups and downs, especially more downs, but you supported me through it all. Through getting my depression, my surgeries, and not know if I would return. Through hearing about my past and some of the things I had done, through my struggles with my weight, through all the other good times we had. We had over three amazing and wonderful years together. My best years of life, even with all the stuff I went through.

You made me happiest I had been in years, and I will always love you for that. You really are something special and just when you looked at me, my heart would race 100 times more. I miss our magical bond, it really was something special. But most importantly, you made me go so long without putting another cut on my body, and every time I wanted to, you didn’t let me. I love you x


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