Am truly sorry

Am truly sorry

Am truly sorry


Hey Jess,
I know you will never see this, but i wanted to say i am sorry for my behaviour and my actions. I have taken full responsibility for my actions. If i could take all the things back i would,but life doesn’t have a rewind button as long as you realise your mistakes and learn from them. I wasn’t all at fault though in the brief time we had together. For future reference don’t play mind games with someones sanity because we all have emotions and when you aren’t honest with someones it has an impact on their sanity and when that sanity is destroyed we all listen to the anger within us instead of the logical side. Honesty is the way to go even if you don’t see a future with them. Am though i met you in a way because i realised that i was in a rut in my life and am sorry that you copped it. I am doing better in life and am feeling good about things in my life. I hope you are doing well though and are enjoying going back to uni and I’m sure you’ll become a wonderful teacher, but maybe not English because darl your spelling was atrocious. Good luck Jess and goodbye one day i hope i can say this in person because we seem to be bumping into each other more often then not. Thank you for making me into the better and more positive person i am today…


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