Dear Ex Boyfriend C

Dear Ex Boyfriend C

Dear Ex Boyfriend C

I miss you and I hope that you are well.
You weren’t my first love
You are my second one and the only one I fought the hardest.
Losing you isn’t easy and letting you go will be the hardest.
We’ve been through a lot of obstacles together and we always overcame them.
But I understand if you don’t want to hurt me anymore.
I understand if you want to protect me.
I apologize for the things I’ve done and I forgive you for the things you’ve done.

You are my person and you will still continue to be.
We both have our flaws and lists of imperfections.
You always reminded me to stay in my own skin instead of shedding it for an exchange of a perfect or ideal one.
You literally made me feel like my person.
And though I was difficult, you stayed throughout it all till we ended.

The one thing I learned in life is that EVERYONE makes mistakes.
My love for you was bigger than the mistakes we both made.
And I wanted to continue fighting for us, no matter what life throws at us.

Whenever we were together, I was able to be unapologetically be myself.
We got scars, some of which you gave me And some of which I caused.

I won’t be asking you back right away because even though this breakup sucks,
it just means that we need to work on each other apart.

And maybe we can try again when we’re both healthy, still single, and still feel for each other that way.
If our future does end up changing and we take different paths with new people, I hope that we could still be friends and be happy wherever we are.

I will continue to honor you and respect you as a person, like how you did throughout everything
I won’t be bitter, I’ll be thankful.

We may be apart, and you may be gone.
But i’ll always hold on to the memories we both had together.
Thank you for being with me and loving me till the end.

I wish you well and safety. And you’ll always hold a place in my heart. Goodbye, maybe for now, or for real. 

Best regards,
You Ex Girlfriend L


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