To my ex

To my ex

To my ex

Dear ex,
It’s been half a year since we’ve even just talked to each other, but there has not gone a day by that i haven’t thought about you. Last summer was one of the best summers of my life, I owe it to you. I will never forget our amazing memories down by the beach in the middle of the night, the look of your smile, your soft lips up against mine as i thought to myself holy shit this is actually happening, the rush i got when you entered a room. There are so many things i’ll never forget about you and all we had.

Your friends say you found someone new and honestly you deserve it. You deserve someone better. If i could go back in time and enjoy every lasting second with you then trust me i would. I would go back to the day you asked me to be your girlfriend, the day you told me you loved me, or even just the days we were friends not knowing how much we would end up meaning to each other. Because honestly the first time i met you i would never have guessed you would end up meaning so goddamn much to me. Sometimes you will never value a moment until at’s a memory.

I wish i could go back and be better to you, then maybe today the times i’ve seen you out with friend i may have been there with you. I often find myself replaying our memories in my head like movie, or sometimes just imagining different scenarios that could have happened. I’ll find my self listening to the the song that reminds me of you. My point is that i miss you so much. I wish you would notice me the way i notice you! i would give anything for a second chance at our relationship. I love and miss you. Stay well, I wish you the best – your ex


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