I love you

I love you

I love you

Hi, how have you been for the past few days..It seems like you’ve been doing great without me by your side. Knowing you for the past 1 years and 11 months made me realized that you’re the greatest thing that ever happen to me. From becoming a friend to contract to couples and now becoming strangers. Thank you for all the memories that both of us have created since 2018.

I’m sorry that you have to deal with my attitudes and those mood swings every single day. I’m sorry for every fights that we’ve gotten into until I’m letting my ego to have control in my body. Thank you for making me happy once in a while and i”m sorry if you have to blame everything on your own whenever we having fights. You have sacrificed a lot in our relationship but not me. Although I may have been accusing you a lot and yet you still reminded me that you won’t cheated on me.

But then, things didn’t go as we planned. Both of us started to get in fights every single months until I’m brave enough to ask for a breakups but you didn’t want to let me go. But one day, you have reached your limits and without asking whether I wanted a breakups or not, you left me without me giving any answers because all I answered you was “okay, i’m fine, whatever you wanted to or anything”. But little do you know, all I wanted from you was your time and attention. You will only be giving me attention when you needed something or in a fight. And whenever you have the time, you choose to rest and not bother about me at all.

Although, I’m hurting so much because of you but still I love you. But then maybe for now I need time to healed from causing too much damaged for myself. If you have saw this, all I wanted to say is I love you and you’re still have place inside my hearts. Do heal yourself too so you wont be anyone’s dolls.



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