Wish I told u before

Wish I told u before

Wish I told u before

Dear, M

 You told me u would treat me better than both of our exes, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that u lied to me over something so dumb, I just don’t get it – I trusted you with everything and u threw it away for a cheater? you told me you would never go back to her especially after how bad she broke you, we were both broken.

When I was just getting out of a toxic relationship you were there for me, I was able to tell u anything. But i’m glad I don’t have to hear your lies and excuses everyday, u came up with a new one all the time.

Was it fun having me as a rebound? Was it fun to be dating me in your ex at the same time without me knowing? You talked so much game that I actually believed you were gonna treat me right and we would be together for a while I was so dumb to ever trust u from knowing your past. You told me you changed and of course I believed you I was naive and just got out a toxic relationship.

Every time we called you made me smile so hard that my cheeks started hurting nobody ever did that, you knew you were special to me and its really sad I had to break it off on your birthday but that’s when I found out, I wish you the best and I hope u don’t treat anyone like how you treated me.

Love, Lana


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