Should I wait ?

Should I wait ?

Should I wait ?

Dear someone that I used to know, e
Hi how are you? I always wishing you well in life. It’s been so long since our  break up and I’m having trouble getting over you. I don’t know. Sometimes I just thinking am I gonna spend my whole life thinking about you, missing you and still have a hope that we will meet and there is still another chance for us?. My friend told me “even if u still hoping, for now just forget about him and let him go because it will hurt you more when your expectation never happen”.  I understand the consequence that it will hurt me, and I choose the pain.

But please, if it was you give me a sign, I’m so confused. If you wait for the right time then please make sure to tell me it was you and you still wait for the perfect time. I would really appreciate your decision, whatever your decision is. I think it would be easier for me if I know that you still there or not just tell me if you do not have a hope for us. whatever it is let me know
So I don’t hope for something you knew will never happen.

I don’t know if you are on this website too. but if you read this you know it’s me. That website is down again. We won’t be able to check the archive anymore. I respect if you don’t want to have direct message with me so you can reply on this website. Have a good day!^^


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