My first ever person

My first ever person

My first ever person

Sometimes I think of how much I miss you still. You were my first ever go to person. A person where I truly felt comfortable to be myself. Any insecurity I had was shot out of the window due to the secure warm hug you gave me. When we ended things I felt as if the darkness was back. That there wasn’t an end. Many things disappoint me about how we ended. But that’s not what I wanted to remember us as, you were my light out of the dark. You were the rope to pull me out of that hole. So I thank you for that. You’d given me everything I could’ve hoped for out of a relationship, even with the distance.

I sometimes ponder what we could’ve been like if I lived near you. Because I really think we could’ve worked. So realistically what I’m going to try to do is view our relationship like the end scene of La La Land. Where Ryan Gosling is starring at Emma Stone with content. Because they loved each other so much that they only wanted happiness for the other. I loved you and always will. I hope you get to learn from this and feel what I felt once you left. 

It’s been almost 4 months since we broke up. I miss the person you were with me, how you could truly feel like yourself without worrying of judgment. We had something very special you and I. I’ve came to the realization that I don’t think I’ll ever have something like us again. I just miss you dude. I hope you’re well , hope you’re doing good in school.

How’s your mom ? How’s your dad? Is there business going good still? Tell them I miss them and hope they can finally get a break. How’s your grandpa and grandma? I hope they are still in good health. Did your brother end up doing anything with his life? I could see he’s potential to be one of the greats. And lastly you Maria, how have things been? Have you met someone new ? Do you miss me ? Did your reflect on our relationship? Did you realize it was special?

I forgive you for anything that happened between us. I hope you are well. You know what I miss the most is the fact that I had not ever connected with a person like you yet. In the relationship kinda way. And I know I’ll find someone like that again it’s just hard to get over the fact that it was such a special connection. Anyways I miss you ! You looked pretty in the pictures you took. The sparkle is still in your eyes.


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