I was never the burden you claimed I’d be

I was never the burden you claimed I’d be

I was never the burden you claimed I’d be

We met in university and when we got together it was awkward. We both were new to the whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing – looking back there was a lot of innocence and purity between us. It also caused a lot of pain in unchartered territory.

I was a year younger then you and you were in your last year. The idea of life after university for us made me nervous but I was willing to fight for us and do the best I could.

One of the things that always stuck with me was when we both decided that life after university meant we wouldnt be in eachothers lives anymore – was the fact you prioritized everything around you and not me. You were also well off, so the usual struggles most people would have you had it covered.

While I dont remember the exact words, the sentiment was ” I was a burden for you take on” That wasnt fair and I dont think I understood then how that would hurt me in future relationships and to this day. Im not a burden and I am worth fighting for. You didnt see it and thats okay – the right man will not have this issue.

Despite all this and lots of therapy later, we had a lot of good memories. We even reconnected on the phone and it showed me I did love you even if it was a short time together. I loved you the best way I could and youll always have a spot in my heart.

Thank you for the chance to experience you and us. I learned a lot about myself and will take those lessons with me for when I fall in love next.

I hope you and your family are doing well. I wish you every happiness.


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