I still love you, I always will

I still love you, I always will

I still love you, I always will

Dear Nitin, 
I still remember the day we met. I remember our first kiss, the dinner we went on your birthday, the night we were kicked out of my PG… sleeping on one mattress at my friend’s place for the night… I remembered being shit drunk on your birthday a few years ago, I threw up when we came back, you cleaned up for me.

I remember the first time we met last year, you had changed, but still the same. We watched Aladdin, my favourite disney movie together. When I saw you in Goa, I just knew I loved you. I miss sitting behind you on the scooty, I miss holding you from back… I miss us listening to music on your earphone while you driving through Goa to go to next party place. I miss cuddling with you so much.

I still laugh when I remember Bruno barking when were in my room making out. I miss the day we were in Tosh and saw snow. I am glad I still have pictures to remember that day, cos we looked cute! I remember the bad acid trip and the uncontrollable laughing.

I miss your smile. Your eyes. Your voice. I miss how every time I was sad I could always talk to you, and I would feel so much better. I miss our facetime calls, smoking together, laughing over stupid shit. 

I miss you.


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