I miss you more than you know

I miss you more than you know

I miss you more than you know

You don’t understand how much pain I’ve been in since I broke up with you and moved back to my home state. I thought it was the right thing to do. But now I don’t think it is. I think you’re the one for me. And that’s never going to change. I know I made my mistakes. But so did you and I forgave you but you can’t forgive me? Why not give us a second chance at love again? You promised me even if we broke up you’d always try to get us back together and still love me. But now u block me on social media and say “I don’t wanna be in a relationship ever again” but you got to miss me at least a little bit right? How could you not when our love was like no other I’ve seen before. It was true love to me. I never felt that way with anyone else.

You’re special to me. My world. My saving grace. My hero. I got sober for you and I moved to Utah with you and it wasn’t enough. You never wanted to talk to me about your anger. And now look where we are…. Alone and depressed. I know you are too. But you and I get each other so why is this so hard? Is there someone else? Am I missing something? Or have you lost all feelings and turned cold towards me. Do you really mean the mean things that you’ve said? Or was it just the brokenness you had from me? Is there anyway I can fix this? Anyway I can have my handsome sweet loving boyfriend  back? Or am I being a fool..?

My heart breaks every day. My hearts empty. My minds full of just you. I wake up and realize your not there next to me and I wanna cry my eyes out. I miss your perfect smile. Your laugh. The way you would caress my face and kiss my lips. The way you said “I love you” and the dates we had together. Being with you and your family made me the happiest I’ve ever been. Would you ever reconsider our relationship? Ever try again? Because I know I will be stronger for you and not just leave. We will work through everything. Be a strong couple. Just let me back in… love me again like when u first laid eyes on me… like when you seen me at your dads house. Please text me and please talk to me about all this. I just want us to be in a healthy and mature relationship.


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