There’s a side that no one sees

There’s a side that no one sees

There’s a side that no one sees

It’s crazy how much drama and chaos can be caused by a breakup, especially our breakup.

It’s been 4 years now, and the chaos you caused left some deep scars. No one knows you better then me, and I still have a hard time understanding why you do the things you do, and why you did the things you’d did. 

I know that for some reason you never ever showed when you were hurt, when you were sad, when you felt alone, you expressed all your emotions through anger, and it made it almost impossible to understand you.

Looking at the damage you caused in my life, the most extreme chaos someone could cause in a life, is clear that the anger you showed was covering up over of your emotions, although I don’t know for certain, I can see you must of been hurt, or heart broken, you just didn’t feel the breakup right away because you jumped to someone new do fast, I’m guessing the bandaid feel off.

Now everyone hates you, my whole family your whole family, our friends split down the middle. It’s like it’s war, two sides. But it’s been silent for along time.

What I wanted to say was, there’s a side that no one sees. Everyone that sided with me thinks that I hate you, they all think that I don’t love you, they all think I’m not hurt.

But the truth is, I miss you every day, regardless of what you put me through, I know the real you, hidden away somewhere deep inside that body of yours. I never did hate you, I just hated how you behaved, it was so unreal and out of your character.. 

My heart aches for you, n I wish more then anything we could of just n been together n been happy.

But you had an itch that you could never scratch, it didn’t matter what I did, I was not that missing piece that your were looking for. 

All I know is, i I hope when you do find what ever you are looking for. It’s as good as you imagined.


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