Time to let go…

Time to let go…

Time to let go…

I still think of you from time to time

I always wonder what you’re doing and if you have found someone and if you have, if they’re treating you right

I think of the times that we shared together, the memories we made and the times that we wont ever again. 

When you love someone that doesnt love you back and never will in that way, you have to let them go. I’ve been trying to let you go for a long time. And it is past time that i do. 

You will always have a tiny piece of my heart, but as i said, past time that i begin healing

In another place and another time, maybe things would’ve been different. But as i said. Time to let go. 
Goodbye C.

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  1. Anna 6 months ago

    Hello I hope your doing great now I want you to know I relate on what you write and I hope you close the door of pass and try to open a new chapter of your life cause That’s what i been doing in while there are time you will think about your past always think that it just a phase in your life that let you feel the meaning of love and pain

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