I hope she treats you better than I did

I hope she treats you better than I did

I hope she treats you better than I did

LTME postdear Ryan,
Why can’t I get over you?
Why am I so fixed on you?
Why can’t I move on?
Why am I so jealous still?
Why do I still get nervous when I pass you in the hall and our eyes meet for a second?
Why do you still have this affect on me?
Why don’t I hate you?
Honestly, I hope you’re doing good. I hope your family is treating you better and that you are genuinely happy for once. I hope that Caitlyn treats you like you deserve. I hope that y’all are it for each other. I know you love her. I know you love that she’s country and that she likes all the stuff you do. I’m sorry I didn’t. I tried for you. I changed for you. I wish I was good enough for you.
God if only I could talk to you one more time. I’m so lonely without you. You were my person I told everything to even if you didn’t listen, I still told you. I trusted you with my life and heart. Now you took both with you.
I can’t find a guy again, you were it. You were what I wanted.
I’d do anything to be yours again, but you love her now..
Know that I love you still and always will, because “forever & always” right?

Oh and
I hope she treats you better than I did Ryan.


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