Stop contact unless you are going to step up

Stop contact unless you are going to step up

Stop contact unless you are going to step up

LTME postDear Michael,

You hurt me beyond belief and lied to me for over a year. If I had meant anything to you you would have just invited me to your house I thought we were perfect for each other. I was wrong. You even said yourself that we ‘fit like a glove’ . But your poisonous lies spouted out continuously and you made excuse after excuse not to step up and be a man.

Other couples were moving in together, dying to see each other as much as possible, but we couldn’t even do something as simple as go on a holiday together. It was not even a relationship. It was just sex with a takeaway thrown in every couple of weeks.

I figured I deserved better and that is why I dumped you all those months ago. I do not deserve to be put on ice, nor do I deserve to be the woman on the side.

So if you actually had any regard for me or loved me at all then leave me alone and do not message me no matter what the occasion may be unless by some miracle you choose to step up your game and not expect me to put my life in hold for you as you did for all that time.

You miss me? I don’t hold high hopes. I learnt not to with you. You can miss anyone. But you evidently cannot respect anyone.



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