I still think of you every day

I still think of you every day

I still think of you every day

LTME postIts easy for people to suggest that you let go, move on…forget. But I’m still thinking of you every single day despite the years that have flown by. Its painful in ways I thought not possible and the worst part is Kessla, I know you’re happy now, engaged, and I’m possibly never in your thoughts. If you ever read this, I want you to know I meant it when I told you I love you even though you believe I set out to hurt you from the beginning. I didn’t. I had alot of life changing events on my shoulders and I made the wrong choices. I should have given you the trust you wanted me to Kessla and then I wouldnt be here now, writing this. I’d be here with you instead, giving you everything. I’m so broken and I know deep down that I let go of the one and only thing I would ever need in this world….your love. I love you Kessla, always


  1. jwjr 7 years ago


  2. Steve 7 years ago

    Why are we so foolish? What made us toss away these perfect women? Life events? Come on…it wasn’t that. It was fate, immaturity, and something I can never explain…

  3. shasya 6 years ago

    It’s very sad.. and I still crying every time i’m alone/before bed..It really hard to move on.. 🙁

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