The one that got away

The one that got away

The one that got away

LTME postMy dearest Ker,

Funny how I came across your twitter account, and stalked you for quite awhile, and soon . . . I found a photo of us. It reminded me of those days when we thought, it was You and I against the world, and nothing could ever break us apart. I honestly don’t know what had happened between us, because the next thing I know, we just stopped talking. We stopped caring for each other, and eventually stopped trying to fix what’s broken.
I’m sorry if I had given up on you too soon. I’m sorry I have taken you for granted at some point. I’m sorry If I ever made you feel that you weren’t one of my priorities. Nevertheless, I want you to know that still care, and I still love you . . . But not in the kind of way you’d be hoping for, but that doesn’t mean I don’t. I will always be here for you. Always.

– Jei


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