Sometimes love is not enough

Sometimes love is not enough

Sometimes love is not enough

LTME-postHope you’re good.
Yes, I really hope for the best for you. No rancor, no hate, no remorse. Hope you’re good.
I just imagined that in your life there was enough space for me, too.
I was wrong. Sometimes love is not enough and we just have to accept things going in their own direction.
As you always said to me “Do not cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”.
I thought we were meant to be, you were my soul mate. I thought we could have had that happily ever after.

Hope you’re good and that sometimes you think about me. I miss you.

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  1. Sunrise 2 years ago

    Nothing has ever been the same since. Life goes on & yes I’m a better soul for it. If only this was her for how ironic or more to the point silly/sad that is how we both feel. She has never left my mind & shall always be forever etched in my memory. I haven’t reached out(I’d love nothing more than to Do So) as that is what she asked & I have kept that promise. Thank you dear author for more than you’ll ever know.

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