You should come with a warning

You should come with a warning

You should come with a warning


How dare you? I may be a little naïve to constantly try to see the good in other people, but you frankly have nothing good to offer anyone. If it wasn’t for your parents, I really wouldn’t care if someone stabbed you in the throat (or anywhere else for that matter.) You are a terrible excuse for a man and a human being.

You literally came into my life and put me at my lowest because you made me fall in love with you, and then wrecked everything. You are a pathological liar. You really should come with a warning. You are a sociopath. You come off like you are a wonderful guy, who loves kids and has your future all planned out. I’m sure you’re bank account that you supposedly had as a down payment on your house, probably wouldn’t last you a week. I invited you into my house, gave you a key, introduced you to my children and you fucked me over.

I was doing fine before you tried to come back into my life. I wanted to believe that you had changed. But you are the same pathetic boy, I broke up with in the first place. I love who you pretended to be… not that man who lies about his shitty job, your drinking habits that you should really reach out to get professional help for, your fucking gigantic ego and need to be right all the time or the fact that you will lie through your teeth to get things the way you want.

I do not wish you the best. I hope you continue on your path of being miserable and living in your parents home, or that they eventually see what a pathetic prick you are and toss you out on the street. I will never let you in my life again. You are not worth my time (or anyone’s really) or my tears.

fuck you

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  1. Sadie 4 years ago

    Love how eloquent you are in your most inspirational hatred. Take pride in this letter since it is a divine creation. I especially loved the throat stabbing part, and no I’m not being ironic. Fuck these narcissists, we deserve better than them. You’re a star and he’s a nothing. Best wishes and congratulations on your newfound path to recovery from this piece of shit. Lots of love!

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