We could have made it work

We could have made it work

We could have made it work

LTME-postDear you,
You have no clue how much I miss you. I miss you so much. Listen, you were the best girlfriend I ever had. Those 9 months were some of the happiest moments of my life. Im sorry I let my insecurities get the best of me. Im sorry I didn’t realize what I was doing. I’m sorry I didn’t take control of my issues and insecurities and take care of myself but we were a team. We knew how to communicate , talk, compromise. You could of told me, WARNED me, that i was pushing you away! All those amazing nights we made love, those intimate moments where we opened ourselves up and exposed raw emotions. We criwd together, laughed together. We knew each other before we even knew each other, weren’t you the onw qho said we were soul mates? We didn’t break up cause we were too different, we didn’t break up cause of fundamental differences. Your friends wanted this,your family, they wanted you, all of you, all your time. You know I would of given you space,time, or could of compromised on friends of the opposite sex too something we were both comfortable with. We had something good,we were best friends. I understood you better than you think. We had a bond. Why?! Whyyyy….. I just needed a wakeup call, to larn and grow as a man. You know the pains of my past, my behavior qas never intentional, I wanted too change but I didnt know how but now I did, im co fident, stable I rralozed the errors of my thoughts. We both fucked ip thos beautiful thing God gaves us. I hate too think that you, YOU, are a lesson not a blessing. You were my “lil bae” and I was your “big bae” . Don’t you remember? Im sorry for fucking up youe birthday. Im sorry for what I put you through. I miss you so much and I regret what happen and you know what sucks? You’ll never see this. You’ll never know. I have too much pride too reach out too you. I can’t let you know,As much as I want too. I guess I have to accept that chapter in my life is over. You freed me from past. My negative, victimized past. I can’t phathom another girl replacing you and whatever secondrate that’ll you’ll find after me. I hope we just neesed too be removed from each others live too be reunited stronger later on. We had something amazing and we could make sacrifices and compromises and make it work. We were each others exact type, we loved each others personalities. We had a bond ….. how can that be replaced? Are you really the girl whp just prepared me too handle relationships and trust? Were you just a teacher and not my future wife? I guess I have too silenty move on and know theres something better in my path, as bad as I wish it was you. But ill have faith that there’s something for me and i wont wait around for you but I wish you well and Ill never close the door on us.
I love you so much,so,so much.

Goodbye for now, possibly forever…


  1. Lyssa 6 years ago

    I hope she reaches out. ❤ Kinda hit home with this one.

    • F 6 years ago

      Its been hard,im trying to move on its been 5 months now. Maattbe she wiill maayybe she wont. Im sorry you’re going through this too

  2. Dee_Dee 3 years ago

    Wow…. your story closely resembles mine 😔 I wonder if my special someone feels this way too…

  3. Dee_Dee 3 years ago

    Wow…. your story closely resembles mine 😔

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