Sad that we ended up like this

Sad that we ended up like this

Sad that we ended up like this

LTME-postDearest DBYee,

Well, I badly want to forget this day. The day when we both decided to finish our friendship to some deeper and real authentic lovers just to become one. Here I am recalling those sweetest memories of ours. Here I am wishing that I am with you celebrating you birthday. Here I am reminiscing the past and the story that lead us to where we are right now. I don’t know what you are doing right now, I don’t know if your happy. Happy without me in your life. You know what? What hurts the most is that I did the best I could but it was still not enough to make you stay. You left as if we never met, as if we never happened. You could’ve atleast bid your proper goodbye but throwing away what we had and forgetting what we were— seemed so easy for you.
Though I already know the truth, deep inside me, I still choose to believe that leaving me was a tough decision you had to make because although I’m abruptly lying to myself— atleast it kind of eases the pain and the lonliness.
It’s hard to deal with a broken heart knowing that the only person who can heal it is the same person who broke it. I know it could never be mend again. And it hurts—
It pains me so much to accept that you could never be mine. Ever.
I’ve been warned before about your flame but I never thought that it will burn me this much. It feels like I’m slowly dying, silently drifting away.
I hate that this is reality. The truth, that I have to go on without you.
Sad, but i need to let go of everything here inside me.
Sad, that your now happy with someone.
Sad, that we ended up like this.
Sad, that I can’t be with you anymore.

All I wish for you as you celebrate your birthday today, May you find the real happiness that you are seeking. I hope you already learned the lessons from your mistakes. I hope that your happy. I miss you and I’m sorry for everything.

from your BheTok,
Tinay 🙂


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