LTME-postDear Josh,

Finding words to say is hard.
My heart no longer longs for you.
My mind no longer thinks about you.
My eyes no longer cry for you.
My voice no longer screams for you.

Sometimes, I don’t even remember you. My memory of you is faint. Very faint. It’s like reciting a dream that I dreamt years ago. Blurry. Forgotten.

I have no words left for you.
I desire nothing from you in return.

No. I am not thankful.
No. I am not sorry.
No. I do not miss you.
I feel nothing.
No anger, no pain, no sadness.
No. I do not wish you the best.
No. I do not wish you the worst.

I’ve forgiven you.
Months ago
I forgave you.

Overtime, I subconsciously started to forget you too
I guess I didn’t need you
as much as I thought

Wishing you nothing
Wishing nothing in return



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