Broken clocks

Broken clocks

Broken clocks

LTME-postIn a crowd full of people I felt like it was only us, when I looked at you, it’s like time didn’t even exist, a year could go by & I swear I wouldn’t have even known it, fast forward, almost a year went by & I didn’t even know it.

It’s been almost that long since I kissed you & realized I didn’t want to kiss anybody else like I kiss you, there’s no way I would have that passion or love for another the way I have it for you. The feeling I had when I went home is something I felt I’d never recapture.

We don’t really talk anymore, at least not physically, but I still pray for you & your happiness every night, I still ask God for favors in your favor because I remember your smile like it’s burned into my mind & it still makes me happiest when you’re doing that.

Time doesn’t exist when I’m with you, so I guess that’s my way of saying, if there ever comes a day when when do meet again, we’ll catch up & still have forever to look forward too


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