No longer a doormat

No longer a doormat

No longer a doormat

LTME-postI just want to let you know, that after a year of being separated I finally have the nerve to stand up for myself.
I’m no longer a door mat for those who see themselves as better than me.
I met someone, and he’s great! We’re moving in together and I think this could really be something special.. I’m finally doing well without you. I don’t feel a pit in my stomach when something reminds me of you and I don’t feel the need to dodge every post that could involve you.
Thank you for leaving me so broken, because I’ve built myself up so I am unrecognisable

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  1. Javira avex 5 years ago

    never let only one to take a way ur happiness,ur life is better than everything,let go of the past,wake up and cheer up,if u have disappointed,broken hurted,take heart u will be happy again’just find someone who truly love without pretence,pressure or even emission,there are many fish in the sea..

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