How you broke me

How you broke me

How you broke me

You broke me into a million pieces. I hate you. Somehow i still love you. Never in a million years would i have thought i would be hurting this bad let alone i never thought i would be hurting because of you. I loved you more than i loved myself. You made me so happy.

When i found out you cheated on me by your BROTHER because that’s how much of an ass you are. I couldn’t cry in front of my friends or family i had to act like it didn’t bother me but it hurt me more than anything ever has. You promised me you would never do me like the last one and because you promised me that it made me hurt worse. Now it’s killing me not knowing if you think about me or if you kept our pictures or if your happy without me.

All i know is that you are talking to my ex bestfriend now and what she did to me is almost worse than what you did she acted like she hated you because you broke my heart and then she went behind my back and started talking to you. When i found out i couldn’t even stand to look at her. I wanted to hurt her like she hurt me, like you hurt me but I’m better than that so i let my long time friend go over a boy. YOU.

You have messed up my life so bad. You have tried to get me back several times and i went back to you, but never again will i make that mistake. You two can have each other. I hope you’re happy with yourself i hope you got what you wanted. Oh and i’m happy again i have an amazing bestfriend. I have a better life without you in it. I HATE YOU and i hate that a part of me will always love you because you were my first kiss my first love my first friend.


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