Life is rough and you made it easier

Life is rough and you made it easier

Life is rough and you made it easier

Dear A, 
I’m writing a research paper on substance abuse and learning a lot of cool things. I wish I could share them with you every time I find out something new but I can’t and it hurts. Mostly because I’m the one that chose to cut all contact.

Things haven’t been that great lately. I feel anxious and cluttered and I wish I could just rant to you about it and make everything feel better. You were the only person I actually talked to and now I feel so alone. I miss sending you dumb things and getting dumb things in return and I wish I could just be over you already so I could have you back and we could just be friends but I’m not sure if that will ever happen.

I think about all the good times and wonder how this could have happened but IDK I guess it’s better not to speculate. It feels good in a way to not be dependent on someone else but I used to be so happy, sometimes I would even just cry out of all the love I felt for you. I wonder how you’re doing and if you think of me and if this is as hard for you as it is for me. I’m glad we ended things well but it still feels really tough to get through.

I’m so happy we had those good memories but I miss you so so much 🙁 Ouch


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