My Dearest B

My Dearest B

My Dearest B

It has been 4 years.

Four years since I met you and since you turned my world upside down, and made life as I know it come to a stand still.

It still plays over and over in my head like a black and white movie, the first time we met, I wasn’t looking for love when you found me, what started as innocent flirting changed into friendship and into friendship an instant attraction and a connection grew beyond anything I ever dreamed of.

We fell in love.
That night you told me you had fallen in love with me and uttered those three little words that held such significance and I uttered them back, because I too had fallen deeply, beyond anything I have ever felt prior, our connection and attraction was beyond anything I could explain, it just felt right in every sense, and everyday I just fell deeper and deeper with you, it was easy with you.

Loving you was easy, being with you felt like breathing everyday, but everyday I was drowning more and more into you, falling deeper, that it scared me, you were the first man I had truly loved, the first man who made me question everything, who inspired Me, and yes who made me give up my values and morals, because loving you was the end of life as we knew it.

After losing you, I was devastated, broken I was torn apart, yet my love for you never once faltered, never once changed, you were and always will be the love of my life, meeting you was something I never anticipated, and loving you even less, you changed me you changed my life, and because of you, I feared you might have ruined me for love, for someone out there, because forgetting you and stopping to love you is a losing battle.

No matter how much time went by or what happened or who I met, or liked, it was never enough, my heart always found its way back to you, I never stopped loving you,I never will, what does this all mean I don’t know but all I know is I still love you, I still search for you everywhere,I miss you, and maybe just maybe you were my life lesson and I have to let go, or Maybe our destiny is written in the stars and one day we will find our ways back to each other.


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