Puzzles and memories

Puzzles and memories

Puzzles and memories

LTME postI always have this on my mind and I don’t know what to do so here it goes.

I’m still heart broken with what happened, still angry, upset, shattered more than I’ll know. I’ll say things that I’m okay with, but who would really be okay with any of this ? I’ll try to be cool with things, some days I am, some days I’m not and it’s perfectly acceptable. I mean by this point many people would of turned insane.

You took all our hard work and threw it, all our dreams and smashed it, all our love and killed it. There’s no reason for cheating, there’s no justification for killing me the way you did, you left me bleeding, an open wound as you were done sneaking and too busy moving on to you new girlfriend. You lied to me, you betrayed me, you did many of the things you swore you’d never do to me.
It’s sad, after all this and I still love you. But another sad thing I might be realizing is even if we were great, I think you still would of did what you did.

I gave almost 5 years to our relationship, we both did. I might of been gone, but I never walked out, and I never gave up on us. Thank you for the memories, they were not a waste, but will be a painful, tearful but joyful memory of what we once were.

I’m so sorry for what the hell we have become.


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