Dear, Denis,

Last Sunday we ended it. I’m not going to lie this time it hurts less but still stings. 
We’ve been on and off for the last 2 years. Together almost 5. 
It seems we get sucked into this pattern. We break up for a few months get back for a few months then break up again. Never ending cycle. This time we broke it for good. 
The cord is cut. 

You are a great person but we weren’t great together. You have a big heart but it didn’t fit with mine. You lied and cheated on me and I forgave you. Last year was one of the best years of my life. You left me and I began to build myself up again. I quit all my jobs and booked a one way ticket to a country I’ve never been before. that year of self reflection and healing was needed. I grew and learned a lot about myself and connected more with my inner wise woman. When I came back home we reconnected and you wanted to make us work again. I took you back only to find out later that you lied to me and gave me an STD. I forgave you countless times. Recently I found that you were talking to that same girl behind my back. 
I can choose to be bitter and angry and resentful towards you. 
But now I get to move on and live my life on my terms. 

It takes great courage to break the cycle and take my power back. I can finally say that I’m better off without you. That I am whole, complete and great as I am. 
I thought we would work out again but there is too much damage that was done. Too much pain that I went through and I had trouble letting go of the past and trusting you again. 
This is for the best and I know that whatever happens, I am resilient and worthy of the love I deserve. 
As 2020 comes to an end, here’s to going back to loving myself fully and taking care of myself.


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